You probably never knew that Cinnamon is the best remedy for stomach flu. It is the fastest most effective stomach flu fighter you can find. If you follow the instructions properly you will feel much better within an hour. Within a few hours it will be a distant memory. Throw away all your horrible medications and expensive Doctor visits. Try Cinnamon first. Because it works 99.99% of the time.


We have all had stomach bugs and flu. A bout of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and then there is that funny taste in your mouth. It is horrible and funny at the same time. It comes out of nowhere and we blame whatever we ate for it. Yes, sometimes it comes from food poisoning but most times it is a stomach virus, bacteria or parasite from a variety of sources.

Most people fall victim to the stomach bugs and flu in fall and spring, especially children. This is because of the change in weather conditions. Our body is not used to it and temperature conditions allow stomach viruses and bugs to propagate at hyper speeds.

Even though we have had stomach bugs and flu before, we still run around Googling the best remedy for stomach flu.  And the best stomach flu cure is Cinnamon! Hands down Cinnamon is the best stomach flu cure because it works very fast, it’s simple to use, cost effective and has virtually no side effects for 99.9% of people. Yes a small minority of people maybe be allergic and pregnant women should not take Cinnamon but on the whole this is one spice that has very few side effects.


Doctors like to call it gastroenteritis, which means an irritated and inflamed stomach and intestines. It is usually caused by bacteria, a virus or a parasite which can spread rapidly by contaminated food or water.

  1. Stomach Flu Bacteria  include Escherichia coli. Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Shigella. These bacteria are mostly found in food, and can be spread from person to person.

  2. Stomach Flu Viruses include adenovirus, rotavirus, calcivirus, astrovirus and norovirus. This is spread by using and touching contaminated things like door knobs, utensils, keyboards, light switches and anything we touch in common.

    The adenonvirus is common in very young children, usually under 2 years old. It attacks the gastrointestinal tract, which causes diarrhea and vomiting.  Usually the symptoms appear a week after initial exposure to this virus.  The astrovirus likes infants, young children and the elderly with the symptoms appearing within 1-3 days.

    The Calcivirus on the other hand is an equal opportunity virus and can attack any age group. However it is the Rotovirus which is the most common stomach virus, usually attacking infants and children under 5 years of age. The symptoms appear fast, usually within 1-3 days especially in a child care setting. It causes about 3-8 days or diarrhea and vomiting.

  3. Stomach flu parasites include Giardia and Cryptosporidium which live in the intestines of people and animals and is mostly spread via water.


Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, a funny taste in the mouth, bloating or gas Fever that is 101 degrees F. or higher, abdominal swelling or pain in the right lower side of the abdomen or and dehydration.


Most of the time stomach flu cannot be cured with medication, especially antibiotics. Yes Doctors can and often do tests to identify the particular strain of virus, but this is of little use. Their solution in most cases is in alleviating the discomfort and pain. And if you or your child is bent over backwards with horrible stomach cramps and sheer panic of diarrhea, you will take whatever assurances and placebo pills the Doctor will give you. You see, the Doctor knows there is nothing he or she can do to cure it, other than let nature take its course. So they will give you all kinds of remedies and charge you an arm and leg for it.

But with Cinnamon, you now have a secret weapon. It will kill those viruses and bacteria fast and alleviate the pain and suffering quickly. The emphasis here is on quick.


  1. Cinnamon is a powerful anti-bacterial that will destroy all the bacteria in your stomach. Research has shown Cinnamon is one of the most effective substance against (click the links for the researchEscherichia coli Salmonella.Campylobacter .

  2. Cinnamon works against Viruses - This study found that Cinnamaldehyde from Cinnamon in its various forms is effective against adenovirus. Although this study was done with Cinnamaldehyde extracted from Cassia Cinnamon, Cinnamaldehyde, Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil is the same and of much higher quality. Besides Ceylon Cinnamon has low Coumarin levels.

  3. Cinnamon works fast. While other remedies like ginger work for stomach ailments, Cinnamon works faster. You will begin to feel better within minutes, especially your nausea.

  4. Cinnamon is a warming agent. That means it has the power to dramatically reduce the chills, aches and pains and make your comfort levels so much better.

  5. Reduces bloating and puffiness – You will start to burp and let out air within minutes of drinking Cinnamon Tea. That is an indication of the bacteria being killed.


  • Cinnamon Stick Tea - The easiest and most effective method is to boil Cinnamon sticks. 

    Add 1.5 cups of water to pan. Set heat to medium low heat, cover and bring it to a slow boil over 25 minutes. Once it reaches boiling point, switch off the stove top and let it rest and cool for 15 minutes until it becomes a deep red.

    Preferably Ceylon Cinnamon sticks but Cassia Cinnamon may also work to some extent. Ceylon Cinnamon sticks have ultra-low Coumarin levels and will not damage your liver unlike Cassia Cinnamon.

    Plus Ceylon Cinnamon sticks have more essential oils for this to work better. After you have made it, add some honey because it creates a hydrogen peroxide effect and brings all the bacteria to the surface of the stomach, to be then killed by the Cinnamon.

  • Cinnamon Powder Tea - If you have no Cinnamon sticks or Cinnamon black tea infused with Bark Oil then by all means use Cinnamon powder. Boil 1.5 cups of water and add 1 teaspoon of Cinnamon powder, let it brew for 5 minutes, strain with a cheese cloth or  fine strainer to get rid of the Cinnamon powder residue mix. Add a teaspoon of honey and drink it. Powder has very little Cinnamon Oil in it to be as effective as Cinnamon sticks but it will do in a pinch. One thing to note, some Cinnamon powder is irradiated and stuffed with fillers or worse saw dust, so if you have cheap Cinnamon powder it just won't work.

  • The Nuclear Option (Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil)  - For a severe case and if you are careful, add 1-2 drops of high quality steam distilled Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil (ideally with at least 60% cinnamaldehyde) to 8 oz. of hot water, mix well and drink. Try it with one drop first. Remember the Bark Oil will drop your blood sugar levels so taking too much will make you feel faint or burn your stomach. Kind of like eating some hot peppers.

  • Add Ginger – Fresh grated or sliced ginger is also one of the greatest things you can add to Cinnamon. It is well known as a stomach settler and works very well with Cinnamon.

  • Salt & Sugar - Add a 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of sugar or honey to each cup of Cinnamon Tea which is needed for the body to maintain the ideal fluid balance.


  • Hydration – This is the most important thing you can do. In addition to Cinnamon tea, sip small sips of Pedialyte,Ceralyte, Infalyte, or diluted Gatorodae at frequent intervals. You need sodium (salt) to maintain the fluid balance in the body and replace lost minerals especially salt and sugar. Signs of dehydration include thirst, less frequent urination, dark colored urine, dry skin, fatigue, light headedness, and the inability to sweat. 

  • Limit food intake – Start with a fluid diet, at least for a few hours. If you are hungry, slowly start with simple solid food like toasted white bread, rice and bananas. Avoid dairy products, caffeine, alcohol, oily and fried food, tomato-based food, spicy food, carbonated or highly sugared drinks, sour juices. Yes, our Cinnamon black tea has caffeine in it, but this relatively little compared to coffee or soft drinks or energy drinks (very bad) and anyway has Ceylon Cinnamon Bark oil which will knock out most viruses and bacteria dead on. And a little bit of sugar is needed but not too much since bacteria and viruses thrive in a sugar rich environment.

  • Remove excess clothing, especially tight clothing. Sweat it out.

  • Disinfect with Cinnamon Oil - Get some diluted Cinnamon Leaf Oil or Bark Oil and wipe down your whole house and car.  The Bark Oil is more powerful than leaf oil but the cheaper leaf oil is nearly as good for disinfecting surfaces.

    Concentrate on the major germs areas like light switches, door handles, toilet handles, refrigerator door handle. One of the great things about Ceylon Cinnamon Oil is that its disinfectant properties lasts quite long. At least a couple of days. And it's all natural, even edible when diluted.

  • Wash clothes and wash hands frequently. Unless you want to inflict your pain and suffering on others that is.

  • Exercise and build your immune system. Just 5 minutes of intense exercise is sufficient. You don’t want to overdo things and get really get bent out of shape. Since your body is weak, exercising too much will push you over the edge. Exercise just enough to get some Oxygen and into your system and get your blood flow going.


The original Cinnamon actually came from Sri Lanka, a tiny Island off the coast of India. What you get in the grocery store is Cassia Cinnamon which tends to have high Coumarin levels that can damage your liver , tastes pretty harsh and smells pretty strong.

Ceylon Cinnamon sticks are very fragile and made with thin papyrus like rolls of Cinnamon bark scraped from the inner bark of the Ceylon Cinnamon tree and rolled into a cigar shaped stick.

Cassia Cinnamon by contrast uses the harsh outer bark of the Cassia Cinnamon. Ceylon Cinnamon tastes and smells mild with notes of citrus and cloves and tends be slightly sweeter. But the overall effect of Ceylon cinnamon is it's ability create very sophisticated yet subtle and fragrant flavors that never take center stage in any recipe but adds to the whole. Boiled into Cinnamon stick tea it is very impressive.