The most comprehensive website to discover the health benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon, how to use it and find high quality Ceylon Cinnamon. This site is devoted to promoting Ceylon Cinnamon which comes from the Island of Sri Lanka.

Ceylon Cinnamon is very different to Cassia Cinnamon and far healthier, primarily because it has low Coumarin levels. Unlike the ubiquitous Cassia Cinnamon available at your local grocery store, Ceylon Cinnamon does not damage your liver. Ceylon Cinnamon is often called true Cinnamon due to it's sophisticated aroma and ability impart impeccable taste to many recipes. It has a subtle taste and a refined sophisticated aroma compared to Cassia Cinnamon. It requires extremely skilled craftsman and a labour intensive process to extract Ceylon Cinnamon. But the end result is something you appreciate both for taste and health.


This is your complete guide to using Ceylon Cinnamon for fabulous recipes using Ceylon Cinnamon sticks, powder, Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil and Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil. Once you discover the art of using Ceylon Cinnamon in every day recipes in small amount nothing will be the same. It adds flavor, warmth and a dose of health protection that is bound to improve your quality of life. If in doubt add Ceylon Cinnamon.


Discover also how to use Ceylon Cinnamon for many health benefits including diabetes, Alzheimer's, weight loss and much more. A word of caution though. You should always work with a good Doctor or an alternative therapy expert if you intend to use Ceylon Cinnamon for health benefits. There may be side effects especially with medication. It can have a powerful effect. There are also many essential oil books that you may find useful. Read up on it and become an expert on your health.


Ceylon Cinnamon comes in many forms. Either the traditional Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks or Ceylon Cinnamon Powder. The leaves of the Ceylon Cinnamon tree (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum/Verum) are steam distilled into Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil. The Ceylon Cinnamon sticks which are broken into small pieces called quillings are steam distilled into one of the moset powerful essential oils in the World. Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil is used by famous companies like Coca Cola. It is an anti-bacterial powerhouse and the most exotic scent in the World.


We do not sell Ceylon Cinnamon and only provide information. You can buy Ceylon Cinnamon from many reputable companies. Ceylon Cinnamon tends to be expensive due to the labor intensive nature of the harvesting process. The higher quality Ceylon Cinnamon takes a huge amount of time and effort to perfect. Don't begrudge the expense. Most Ceylon Cinnamon comes from small holders who will benefit if you buy from a reputable company who has a direct link to Sri Lanka.

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